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Impact Drilling Machine

Impact Drilling Machine

Product feature and appliance:Our impact drilling machine is a type of light piling machine which used the hammer to impact automatically (frequency adjustable) the pile hole with slurry or mud circulation to build the pile hole.

This machine is used to build bridge foundation pile, elevated road foundation pile and etc.

Important: This machine has to work with the slurry or mud circulation;

Suitable for the geo condition: rock hardness from the medium weathered rock up to less weathered rock, and it can work in comprehensive geo conditions which combined with the sand, rock and scree (Cobble) etc.  

Man powers: one operator (captain), two labor forces for moving material and supporting works.

Supporting equipment: power supply (grid or genset); Excavator required to move the tools and earth, crane is optional; desander is optional depend on whether you want to recycle the mud.

Advantages: Simple mechanism and reliable machine, small capital investment, running cost and wearing cost is less, rock drilling is fast.

Disadvantage: vibration and noise is high, only suitable for remote area. The operator need some experience to adjust the frequency and etc. 

Technical Specification

Working diameter (mm) 600-2000 800-3000 800-3000
Working depth (M) 60-300 60-300 60-300
Main shaft dia. (mm) 110 120 120
Maxi chisel weight (kg) 5500 7000 8500
Main winch (KN) 68 140 320
Impact frequency (hit/min) 36-42 36-38 36-38
Mast (M) 8-12 8-12 8
Main motor power 55KW 75KW 90KW

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