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Casing Oscillator

Casing Oscillator

☆Advantages of ALL CASING Foundation Drilling Technique
1.Environment friend and safety pile drilling method (Drilling with All casing, no mud)
2.Widely used in different difficult formations where there is a risk of collapse or broken formation, such as quicksand, flowing and fictile soils, high pressure groundwater formations, gravel and detritus-type soils etc.
3.High quality cast in-situ pile and secant pile wall.
☆Application Fields Foundation pile, Secant pile wall, Remove of abandoned foundation pile and barrier etc.
All casing hydraulic drilling rig facilities

Casing table (compact/rotary rig attached type)

Model No. 1200R 1500R 1800R
Casing diameter 600mm to 1200mm 800mm to 1500mm 1000mm to 1800mm
Oscillating torque 1200KN.m 1900KN.m 2500KN.m
Stroke 450mm 450mm 450mm
Lifting force 1560KN 2100KN 2100KN
Clamping force 1500KN 2100KN 2100KN
Overall dimension 4200x2400x1700mm 4280x2500x1750mm 5200x2900x1750mm
Weight 16000kgs 18000kgs 21000kgs

Hydraulic Power Station

Power source: Cummins diesel engine

Rated power: 260HP

Rated pressure: 35MPa

Overall dimension: 3000×1600×2600 mm

Weight:4500 Kg

Equipment arrangement

1. Hydraulic drilling rig

2. Casing table

3. Hydraulic power station (optional)

4. Casing pipes

5. Drilling tools

Casing Oscillator Testing and shipping

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