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Soil Mixing Machine

Soil Mixing Machine

Product feature and appliance: Our Soil mixing machine is a type of light weight soil mixing machine which use electric motor power to drive the turntable, the turntable will rotate the drill rod and tools to bore and mix in the pile hole, to increase the stabilization of the ground and foundation. 
Jet grouting is also possible with this machine, we only need to use the high pressure pump or compressor instead of original to jet wet cement paste or cement powder with this machine. 
This machine is used to increase the underground foundation stability, and stop underground water intruding into foundation and give support to the foundation. 
Suitable for the geo condition: Soil condition and SPT N value less than 10; Jet grouting can do SPT N value up to 20. 
Man powers: one operator (captain), two labor forces for moving material and supporting works.
Supporting equipment: power supply (grid or generator); Excavator required to move the tools and earth, crane is optional;  
Advantages: Simple mechanism and reliable machine, small capital investment, easy operate and no much experience required, running cost and wearing cost is less. Noise and vibration is much less

SM-5Series Deep Mixing Pile Machine

Design features:

1. Improved turntable, fast drill and lift speed

2. Intellectualized control system and overload safeguard

3. Pressurization and depressurization mechanism

4. Flexible length of the vertical shelf and drill rod

5. Depth gauge convenient to operate

6. Applicable to narrow work site

Standard Configuration

Model No. Explanation

Technical Data

Transportation Dimension

Driving Principle Fixture

Project list

Project name Country Diameter/Depth Quantity
Oil tank foundation reinforcement Vietnam 0.5/25M 200,000M
Meixi bridge brake foundation in Shantou China 0.5/22.6M 2,000,000M
Foundation of Tonglu expressway in Anhui China 0.45/16M 30,000M
Founation of Gaomi expressway in Shandong China 0.5/15M 240,000M
River bank foundation in Ayutthaya Thailand 0.5/12-15M 150,000M

Photo Of Worksite


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