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Crawler type GPS pile boring machine

Crawler type GPS pile boring machine

Product feature and appliance: Our Crawler type GPS machine is a type of piling machine which used the rotating drill rod and augers to bore the pile hole, the slurry or mud circulation is required during the drilling. In fact, this machine is the GPS engineering drilling rig mounted onto the crawler chassis, i.e. upgraded GPS boring machine.

The machine has electric powered self-propulsion chassis, it can move more freely from one pile to another at site, it can avoid using the crane to save client’s cost.

Important: This machine is electric powered, slurry or mud circulation is must.

Suitable for the geo condition: Rock hardness from the heavy weathered up to medium weathered rock, clay and sand. It is preferred that the underground water level is high.

Advantages: highly reliable structure and design, maintenance free, easy to operate.

GPS Boring machine

Product feature and appliance: Our GPS boring machine is a type of light piling machine which use electric motor power to drive the turntable, the turntable will rotate the drill rod and drilling tool to bore the pile hole, and the tool gravity will give the pressure force, slurry or mud circulation is required during the drilling.

This machine is used to build bridge foundation pile, high raised building foundation pile, elevated road foundation pile and etc.

Important: This machine has to work with the slurry or mud circulation;

Suitable for the geo condition: rock hardness should be heavily weathered rock or soil condition, the mud circulation must be required while drilling. The working efficiency in hard rock is very low.

Man powers: one operator (captain), two labor forces for moving material and supporting works.

Supporting equipment: power supply (grid or generator); Excavator required to move the tools and earth, crane is optional; desander is optional depend on whether you want to recycle the mud.

Advantages: Simple mechanism and reliable machine, small capital investment, easy operate and no much experience required, running cost and wearing cost is less. Noise and vibration is much less, the pile wall is very smooth.

Disadvantage: Rock drilling is slow, mud circulation required.

Technical Specification

Model GPS-10 GPS-15 GPS-18 GPS-20
Diamater of hole (mm) 1000 1500 1800 2000
Drilling depth (m) 50 50 80 100
Rotary  table        
torque (KN.M) 6 20 26 30
Speed(forward and reverse)   (RPM) 44/77/138 14/19/25/ 34/45/61 12/19/24 34/44/60 8/14/18/ 26/32/56
Main hoist capacity(Single rope)  (KN) 30 30 30 30
Auxiliary hoist capacity(Single rope)  (KN) 20 20 30 30
Mud pump 3PNL 3PNL 3PNL 3PNL
Flow rate   (m3/h) 108 108 108 108
Pump lift   (Mpa) 0.21 0.21 0.21 0.21
Rated load (hook)    (KN) 180 180 180 180
Effective       (m) 9 8 8 8
Kelly/Square drill rod   (mm) 108x108x5800 108x108x6500 168x150x3000 168x150x300
Round drill rod (mm) Φ89x4500 Φ168x5500 Φ168x5500 Φ180x5500
Power(KW) 30 30 37 37
Weight of machine (ton) 6.4 8 8.5 10
Overall dimensions  (LxWxH) (M) 5.0x2.85x10.3 4.7x2.2x10 4.75x2.2x10 5.7x2.4x9.3

Photo Of Worksite


Slurry Circulation Piling Tools


Economical pile solution for heavy  structures on saturated soil profiles Noise levels are low and limited to engine noise  from the equipment There  is no vibration associated with underslurry piles

A good range of pile sizes from 600mm  to 2500mm  diameter

Piles can be installed  to depths in excess of 50 metres

Circulation and reverse circulation operation can be applied


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