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Wear parts

Wear parts

Tungsten carbide.

Round shank chisel and holder.
Pilot bits and fish tail .
Teeth remover and bushes .
Flat teeth and holders .
Casing shoe wear parts (Welding bars, screw and rings, wrench)


The wear parts are the parts on our piling tools which will be wearing out during the drilling works. Therefore, the selection of the wear parts is a very important job. For your convenience, two points at least should be considered as follows:

1.Geocondition has to be clear.

2.Tools size and position of the wear part.

Tool type

Thousands of size or models of the shank and block, cutter and teeth, welding bar, roller bit etc. Kennametal is the leading supplier of these wears, www.kennametal.com.

Shield cutters and TBM cutters can be supplied as well.

Tool dimensions

Tools can be customized according to the sample or drawing from clients.

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